Affordable Interior Design Styles to Modernise Your Home


Are you planning to modernise the interior of your home but fearing because of the cost? Everyone loves to decorate their home but because of high cost many people step back from this idea. However, you don’t have to step back because, today we are going to share you some really great ideas through which you can totally transform your old interior into a modern one affordably:

Affordable Interior Design Styles

Before you start designing the room, you have to understand the architectural style of the house. If you have a large drawing room then it is a great advantage because the main attraction of any interior design starts with the drawing room.

Do it Yourself: When it comes to affordable interior design half of your cost will save if you can do it by yourself without hiring an expensive interior designer. There are many online websites are available from where you will get many interior design ideas that you can implement in your house by yourself. On the other hand you can also save your cost if you can do some tasks like painting, tiling and setting the accessories in desired place.

Choose Colour: Based on the colour of your house the rest of the things will be decided. Different colour speaks different emotion and thus before finalizing the colour you have to think twice. By painting the interior with new bright colour you can bring a fresh and new look to the house. Select a colour that suits your style and requirement.

Choose Classy Furnishing: Choosing classy furnishing is a great idea because they will never go out of style and will give a really classy look to the interior of your home. Choose classy curtains, furniture, wall accessories and lighting elements to bring a classy look to the interior but remember all the things must complement the colour of the interior of your house. Many people consider buying second hand furniture to lower the cost and it can be a great idea for you too.

Focus on the Flooring: The flooring is one of the most important factors to look upon. Just like the furniture, walls and colour of the room, the floors need equal attention. If you miss out to decorate the floor then your entire decoration will be pointless. Carpet flooring is one of the best ideas that you can choose for your home. Carpet can be very stylish, comfortable and affordable too. A perfect selection of carpet can boost the elegance of your home interior.

Where to Find Best Carpet Flooring

Carpet flooring is easily available in Wellington. If you search online then you will get loads of options available but to save your cost you have to look for a store that offers quality carpets at affordable cost. You can ensure a company quality by going through its reviews, reputation and service facilities.

You can also contact us to buy best carpet for your home interior design at low cost. We,, offer affordable and best quality carpets and rugs Wellington, carpet layer Wellington imported from top New Zealand manufacturers. We offer carpets, rugs, and vinyl tiles Wellington with 15 years of guarantee which makes us reliable to our customers. We also provide guaranteed carpet installation Wellington. Our product and service guarantee makes us one of the best in market. To get more information about our products and services, visit our website and get a carpet quote Wellington.

Five Cost-Effective Interior Home Tips


If you love DIY projects, then you’re already saving money around your home. Did you know that with some forward planning, it’s possible to transform the interior of your home without spending too much. Here are five value-boosting upgrades that won’t cost you more than $500.

1. Update your paint colour

A lot of homeowners agree that choosing the perfect paint colour is one of the most challenging decisions to make. You have to take into consideration your existing décor and colour palette. If you want a colour that will instil instant elegance throughout your home, choose a warm, neutral colour. For a dramatic feature wall, consider a matt black. This will
automatically give your interior an expensive feeling without burning your pocket. If you’re going to choose this option, don’t forget to add some bold accessories in accent colours to match the overall paint colour.

2. Add some cushions

When chosen correctly, cushions can definitely make your home appear more stylish. Besides offering guests the comfort they need when sitting on a couch, multiple cushions provide a cosy ambiance. When choosing cushions, stay away from the standard 12-18 inch throw-pillows. Instead, opt for something larger and more luxurious such as a 22-inch cushion cover with 24-inch inserts. Never skimp on pillow inserts either, because they’ll always boost the appeal of your home.

3. Drapes, blinds and curtains

It’s obvious that a home without drapes, blinds or curtains looks cheap and unfinished. Luckily, you have a multiple budget-friendly options to choose from that will provide your home with warmth, style and privacy. Thermal backed, heavy cotton is one of the best materials to consider. For an easy-to-clean alternative you can opt for bamboo or wood blinds instead.

4. Stand out accessories

As you walk inside any home improvement store, you’ll be faced with a wide selection of knobs and handles. Although bulk hardware pieces are definitely affordable, they are not the most elegant-looking either. Smaller hardware stores tend to have more unique accessories that will really make your home stand out. Consider changing your door knobs and handles on your kitchen units to put your own style stamp on your home interior.

5. Rugs

There are some carpet stores offering high-end carpets and rugs at very affordable prices. Seek out the advice from one of the sales assistants who will be able to show you the best options for your home interior.

Have fun implementing the five suggestions above. However, if you want to take your interior decorating to the next level, then make sure you visit David & Maria Flooring. They offer the most affordable carpet installation in Wellington. Check out their website at

Choose David & Maria’s Carpet and Vinyl Warehouse for the Best Flooring Solution


Do you want to make the flooring of your home and workplace more impressive? Do you want to create a relaxing and beautiful environment for your family? Do you live in Wellington? If the answers to all the above questions are yes, then you are in the right place.

We have the solution for all your carpeting questions and we can offer you the best service with a competitive price. We, David & Maria, are an established carpet and flooring company in Wellington with over 40 years’ industry experience.

With a wide range of carpets and rugs in our store – we install and lay carpet in any home or business throughout Wellington. We offer all types of carpeting related services to our clients including quoting, measuring and full installation. At all times our customers are given valuable suggestions about the best type of carpet to use in different areas of their home.

The best thing about David & Maria’s carpet service is that we have vast experience in this field. Having dealt with different kinds of carpeting work throughout our 40 years, our dedicated team has the required skill and expertise to handle all different types of carpet installation throughout the Wellington area.

Why to choose David & Maria?

After meeting you, we will go through your requirements and offer the right flooring solution depending on your budget. You will be given samples that you can take home to match the interior colour and design of your living area.

Once you have decided which material and design, then we will measure the floor and provide you with a quote. After finalising material, design, colour and price – you can provide us with an installation date. Our team will complete the job within the given time-frame with as little disruption to your home or business as possible.

Another benefit of our service is that we have different types of flooring options such as vinyl, cork and carpets. Our team has the expertise to install all flooring solutions efficiently and expertly.

We have been in the carpeting service for the last forty years and serviced hundreds of clients across Wellington. David & Maria have earned a sound reputation in this industry because of our quality products and customer service. If you need a new carpet for your home our office just visit our website Here you will find further information about our Wellington based carpet laying services.

David & Maria – Your Local, Family-Run Flooring Business

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If you are looking for a cosy ambiance inside your home, then David and Maria’s Carpet and Vinyl Warehouse is your one-stop shop for all your flooring needs. Backed by 40 years’ experience in the flooring industry, we can offer you a vast range of options for carpet and vinyl flooring in Wellington at highly competitive prices. We hold stock from multiple manufacturers and can cater for a wide variety of needs and preferences.

Vinyl is a popular flooring option because it is easy to install and maintain. It is very resilient and it has become one of the most common choices for flooring in Wellington homes. It is water resistant, affordable and very low maintenance. It is also a comfortable flooring option as it feels soft beneath your feet and does not get cold during winter months.

We have different styles, colours and patterns of vinyl that you can choose from. Many have been treated to ensure a non-slip surface. Regardless of the type of vinyl you choose, you can be sure that you are being given the best quality on the market.

We have vinyl that is available in varying widths of 2m, 3m or 4m – and we will be able to advise you which type is most suitable for you depending on where you are planning to install it. Once you call us we will schedule an appointment to come and meet you and do a free measure and quote.

Besides vinyl we also offer cork flooring and have a nice range of imported cork flooring available in our warehouse. These come in different colours so that you can easily match the interior of your home.

Carpets and rugs in Wellington are another main product that we offer our clients. We have a vast selection of carpets available to suit varying tastes and preferences. Most of the carpets we have in stock are New Zealand made including carpets made from unique New Zealand wool. We also have other imported synthetic carpets available as well, including wool blends, nylon, polypropylene and acrylic.

We have all sorts of patterns and colours for you to choose from. Styles vary as well since we want to make sure that you are spoiled for choice. You can be sure that at David and Maria’s there will be several carpets to choose from – whatever your preferred style or colour and whatever your budget is.

So what are you waiting for? At David and Maria’s Carpet and Vinyl Warehouse you will find what you are looking for. You can also benefit from the experience of our friendly staff. For professional flooring advice just give us a call or visit the David and Maria Flooring website to receive your free quote. At you will gain fresh inspiration about which quality flooring options will best suit your home.

Floor Renovation Tips to Increase the Value of Your Home

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Wellington has continued to experience a sharp increase in real-estate development since the early 2000s, mainly because people are attracted to the better standards of living and quality social amenities that can be found here. If you are a Wellington homeowner interested in increasing the value of your property, consider installing quality vinyl floors.

Vinyl composite tiles

Vinyl composite tiles or VCT are used as flooring material in most Wellington homes. These consist of tinted polyvinyl chloride chips which have been cut into different thickness levels after passing through heat and pressure. After the manufacturing process, these products are usually sliced into standard modular sizes such as 12 x 12 inch squares or 12 x 24 rectangles. They can also be designed to resemble other Wellington flooring installation materials like wood, terrazzo, concrete and stone.

Wellington houses have a rich architectural history with some of them spanning back more than 100 years. For this reason vinyl surfaces are available in both antique and contemporary designs which clients can choose from depending on their individual tastes. Apart from adding aesthetic value to your interior decor, this product also makes the cleaning and maintenance of your home easy. However, it has to be properly installed in order to experience these benefits.

Tips for laying a floor with ease

a) Initial floor preparation

The old flooring will first be removed to pave way for a new one. Technicians start by taking out the cover carpet, including all strips that were used to fasten it around the surface. Thorough inspection ensures that there are no residual materials left behind; if present they will be manually scraped off before a vacuum cleaner is used.

Vinyl boards are thin and therefore all underlying ridges must be filled up first before laminate planks are placed. This is done to prevent unnecessary dipping or bending of the material. Uneven surfaces can be levelled by coating them up with layers of thin-set construction mortar.

b) Final installation process

Note that vinyl floors can’t be laid directly onto a surface but must first be placed on top of an underlay for support. Wood and gypsum-based pads are the two most common materials used for underlay. However, gypsum fibere tends to be more popular than wood because of its durability and is also not affected by humidity build-up unlike its counterpart.

At David & Maria’s Flooring, we are aware that expansion and shrinking of vinyl floors can happen due to changing weather patterns. Therefore, we often leave some space of about half-an-inch between the floor edges and the wall. This helps in preventing distortion of the laminate surface due to varying size dimensions.

While installing vinyl around your doors, our team also takes note that it must be extended below the frames. Coor casings are first clipped from below depending on the thickness of the flooring board.

For more information about our flooring installation services please feel free to visit our website: We are available 24/7 and clients can contact us via phone, email or live chat. All enquires are warmly welcomed.

Treat Your Property to Long Lasting Flooring


David & Maria’s Carpet and Vinyl Flooring is a family owned and operated business that has been providing flooring solutions to New Zealanders for almost half a century. Over the last 40 years the business has had thousands of satisfied customers with many of them returning for more quality work.

At David & Maria’s Carpet and Vinyl Warehouse, you can count on David’s expert flooring knowledge to measure and quote on the most suitable flooring solutions for your commercial, industrial and residential properties. David & Maria’s Carpet and Vinyl Warehouse provide high quality vinyl flooring to Wellington at affordable prices and strive to offer the best vinyl flooring Wellington offers.

Benefits of vinyl flooring installation

David & Maria’s Carpet and Vinyl Warehouse works with a variety of reputable manufacturers and providers of carpets and vinyls. All customers are given durable products at affordable prices without compromising on quality. Vinyl has become a particularly popular flooring choice over the past few years because it is affordable, easy to install, long lasting and hard wearing.

Vinyl flooring is also a great choice because it requires very little maintenance. At David & Maria’s Carpet and Vinyl Warehouse you can find a variety of styles, patterns and colours including advanced types of vinyl that have been coated with a durable, slip-resistant surface. David is an experienced, qualified contractor that has been installing vinyl floors for years so you can count on him to provide an efficient and professional service.

Fast and cost effective cork installation

Similar to vinyl flooring, cork flooring also comes in many different styles and colours. The dedicated team can help you decide which type of cork best meets your décor and find flooring that also adds value to your home. David will also install your cork flooring to ensure that you get the best results from the product.

High quality carpet

Carpet is comfortable, warm and highly suitable for high-traffic areas of your home. If you need advice choosing the most suitable carpet size or colour or choosing between wool or high-quality synthetic material – then David and Maria can help you make the best decision for your home.

Visit our showroom to look at the range of products and services available at David & Maria’s Carpet and Vinyl Warehouse. If you want to book an appointment for carpet or vinyl flooring installation, then visit the website for further information.